Vilniaus university

Novel femtosecond micromachining technologies developed using Lithuanian-made femtosecond laser systems:

The Laser Radiation-Matter Interaction scientific group and The Laser Nanophotonics group at Vilnius University Laser Research Center investigates a wide range of light-material interaction phenomena, ranging from the development of laser micromachining technologies in transparent and absorbent materials to theoretical simulation of light propagation, as well as pushing forward direct laser writing 3D lithography technology for the manufacturing of mesoscale optical, photonic, microfluidic, and scaffolds for tissue engineering applications.


Vilnius Unversity Laser Research Center Open Acces services:

Vilnius University Laser Research Center (LRC) has an advanced experimental base for laser research activities, including:

  • ultra-fast spectroscopy;
  • laser nanophotonics;
  • optical damage testing;
  • x-ray generation and attosecond physics;
  • parametric light phenomena;
  • femtosecond laser micromachining;
  • generation of terahertz radiation in gases.

External users from Lithuania and abroad have the opportunity to use LRC experimental base:

  • LRC is a member of the Laserlab-Europe (The Integrated Initiative of European Laser Research Infrastructures) and provides international access to researchers from Europe and beyond;
  • open access centers - VU Naglis OAC and VU Physical Sciences and Technologies Research Center OAC - provide the opportunity to exploit the OAC infrastructure and services by applying for a research contract or collaboration with the VU researchers.

Laser Science and Photonics programs at Vilnius University:

Vilnius University Laser Research Center (VU LRC) is one of the five departments in the Faculty of Physics. It conducts scientific research in the field of lasers: laser physics and spectroscopy, nonlinear optics, material science, biophotonics, laser engineering. Undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral studies are organized. Additional programs in photonics are also organized in the Institute of Photonics and Nanotechnology.