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Accessories for laser systems:

Altechna specializes in optical systems for use as laser accessories. Our product line up features laser power attenuators and laser beam expanders. Both product groups have manual and motorized options, for reliable and precise 24/7 industrial applications in various laser processing systems.

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Eksma Optics 
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Optical systems including beam expanders and F-theta lenses:

Optical systems include F-theta scanning lenses for laser marking applications, compact fixed ratio beam expanders and zoom beam expanders for Nd:YAG laser fundamental and harmonic wavelengths, Gauss-to-top hat beam shaping lenses, simple telescope kits, motorized or manually adjusted variable attenuators for linearly polarized laser beam or pulses. We also offer precision spatial filters, precision pinholes, iris diaphragms, variable wheel attenuators, and air-cooled or water-cooled beam dumps.

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Compact beam delivery and beam manipulation systems:

Optogama designs and manufactures compact beam delivery systems used to increase or decrease laser beam diameter, control beam divergence, and adjust laser power. The main products are motorized and tunable laser beam expanders, reducers and divergence compensators, and laser power attenuators.

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