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Standard and custom solutions in optical coatings:

Due to our in-depth knowledge of dielectric coatings and optical designs, many of our industrial customers have reconsidered their laser geometries and achieved even higher peak levels of power or reduced the weight of their commercial products. Altechna utilizes all of the main coating technologies such as ion beam sputtering, magnetron sputtering, and electron beam evaporation. This gives us a great deal of flexibility when choosing the right method of production to meet the various requirements presented by a customer. One of our strengths is the production of custom solutions for uncommon substrate shapes and thin-film requirements. We also provide in-house solutions for thin-film mechanical designs, to meet unorthodox requirements during both the production and development stages of our customers’ projects.

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Department of Laser Technologies - Center for Physical Sciences and Technology 
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Non-standard optical coatings and new coating technologies with extreme high LIDT:

The Optical Coatings Laboratory conducts scientific and technological activities aimed at the formation of thin layers for optical and laser applications, the development of various optical elements and the optimization of their characteristics. Laboratory improved coating technology is classified as a physical vapor deposition process. It is ion beam and magnetron sputtering and electron beam evaporation.

The main scientific and technological trends of the laboratory are developed:

  • Formation of optical layers with intended microstructure and properties,
  • Investigation of the influence of coating technology parameters on the optical-spectral and physical characteristics of the formed layers,
  • Reducing losses in optical coatings,
  • Increasing the resistance of optical elements to laser radiation,
  • Optimization of negative dispersion optical coatings for ultrathin laser pulses,
  • Formation of metallic-dielectric coatings.

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Eksma Optics 
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Design of the coatings and coatings services for optical components and crystals for 300-5000 nm range using IBS technology:

Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS) is the most advanced deposition technology for the most critical demands on laser optics. The technology allows depositing dielectric thin film coatings with precisely controlled spectral parameters. IBS processes are highly reproducible with broadband optical spectral monitoring and layers thickness control during the coating process. Optics and crystals coated with IBS technology feature the highest LIDT in comparison with other commercially available coating deposition technologies. IBS coatings feature stable spectral performance in changing ambient conditions. There is no spectral shift in a vacuum. IBS coatings are dense, non-porous, and have perfect adhesion.

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Highly customized and application-optimized IBS thin films coatings for ultrafast and high power laser systems.

As your sidekick OPTOMAN is always willing and ready to help you with finding optimized solutions (ultra)fast and back you up in critical situations and finally get the job done as was promised. High level development is possible with experienced staff and innovative ion-beam sputtering (IBS) technology. Progressive control and automated process allow the deposition of complex structures of several hundred thin film layers. The advantages of spectral control include features, such as: higher contrast, repeatable performance, and tighter tolerances. In combination with ISO-6 clean room environment we manufacture outstanding overall quality laser optics. Do not forget that with great laser power comes great responsibility for coaters!

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