Laser Nanofactory:

Femtika designs customized systems for the laser micro-fabrication process. Laser Nanofactory workstation combines additive and subtractive manufacturing – for this reason, complex micro-devices of several different materials can be fabricated. The system is equipped with a femtosecond laser of high beam quality (M2~1.2-1.3) and user-required wavelength (usually 1030 nm, 515 nm, 780 nm or can be dual-wavelength). Also, the average power of the integrated laser is selected based on the desired customer application (from 250 mW to 20 W). The ultra-precise positioning stages (resolution 1 nm @XY, 2 nm @Z; repeatability 75 nm @XY, 100 nm @Z; accuracy ±300 nm @XY, ±275 nm @Z) are synchronized with galvano-scanners, resulting in stitching-error-free manufacturing over the entire working field (160x160x60 mm) without sacrificing the speed or the quality. Whole parts of the system are integrated into one ergonomic housing, ensuring better safety and environmental stability conditions.


True 3D laser fabrication:

Femtika offers research services for customized 3D micro-structures, made using multiphoton polymerization, laser ablation, selective laser etching technologies. The company is targeting for supplying the growing worldwide demands of available tools and technologies, enabling true 3D laser fabrication of custom design components in micro- and sub-micro scale. Microstructures provided by Femtika are used in the development of new future products in semiconductors, photonics, medical, automotive, space industries and etc.