Femtosecond laser micromachining workstations for industry and science.:

WOP workstations are:

  • Custom build & Result based – every workstation is built according to the exact result you want to reach.
  • Upgradeable – you can add additional functionalities over time.
  • Flexible – one workstation can make several applications, not one.
  • Full support – we will install workstation at your premises and will train your team. 2 years warranty and service afterward.

Special optics for beam transformation applications:

WOP produced space-variant retarders are exceptional for ultra-high damage threshold, suitable even for high power lasers.

High transmission, reliable & resistant surface. S-waveplate, Flat Axicon, Flat top converter.


Ultra-high precision microfabrication:

Ultra-high precision & quality laser micromachining services for all types of materials - even hard and fragile. WOP delivers fully integrated services - from customer tasks to prototyping, to production.