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Wide range of laser micromachining systems for industrial and scientific applications:

  • Master1: Many customization options and optimized micromachining parameters make it universal tool for many laser micro-processing applications (transparent material cutting and marking, metal cold marking, polymer and ceramics processing, etc.).
  • Master Mini: This is high payback laser system tailored for specific applications in R&D laboratories or small batch production. Being smaller brother of Master1 workstation, Master Mini fit into reduced foot print and performs marking, ablation, cutting, drilling, surface structuring.
  • Master Micro: The most compact laser micromachining system for laboratory research. This desktop sized device could be found useful for biological, medical, solar, surface or intra volume marking and similar applications
  • Master DUO: System summarizes decades of our experience in the field of laser micromachining. Includes two laser sources (ps, fs), up to 5 axes synchronous positioning system and advanced sensory solutions for real time processing control. An ideal choice for laboratory performing wide range of experiments.
  • Roll to Roll: Systems are designed for laser micromachining on flexible substrates while winding these from roller to roller. It is equipped with novel machine vision solutions enabling to capture alignment marks on the fly and correct position deviations arising due to web vibrations and irregularities