QS Lasers

High energy diode-pumped sub-nanosecond laser sources:

Actively and passively Q-switched DPSS lasers for medical OEMs. Highly motivated numbers like <350ps, 1kHz, >5mJ widely used in broad applications.


Compact high energy sources:

MNL1342 series DPSS passively Q-switched short pulse nanosecond lasers designed for industrial and medical needs like OLED repair, photo-acoustic, etc., it delivers high peak powers at 1000 Hz repetition rate. Innovative laser cavity and harmonics unit with stabilized temperature control delivers stable output parameters. Short nanosecond pulse duration of < 2 ns, high pulse energy more than 100 µJ, high repetition rate from up to 1000 Hz covers broad range of applications where 1.3 µm wavelengths are needed. Standard optional harmonics to red (671 nm) and blue (447 nm, 336 nm) is available.


Custom crystal ovens:

Custom design of cooling/heating crystal ovens.